Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. We hope you have a safe, happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

A quick note to say that Hannah's spinal MRI results from yesterday were all clear...NED! She is now one year out and still cancer free!!



Kathy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Prokop family!
That's great to hear Hannah's good news on her spinal MRI! How wonderful to be NED! Now I hope your eye is OK too Kim.
We just finished dinner, cleaned up and are dragging out the Christmas decorations (since Kevin is leaving for Rhode Island Sunday)
Have a wonderful weekend together!
Love, Kathy and Team Kelly

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannie: We are so glad to hear that you had a clear MRI and that you breezed right through the whole thing!!! Guess we owe you the money that we made a deal for--right?? Gladly we will pay up!! Can't wait for you to arrive for our Christmas celebration. What a special Christmas we will have this year!! Enjoy your turkey day!! Love to you all.
Grampa and Gramma

Anonymous said...

Definitely a Happy Thanksgiving with that MRI news!
Love and prayers, Anne Salice

cildar said...

Dear Hannah,
The "Man From Boston With All the Hats" and I were both so happy to hear the wonderful news about the results your spinal MRI. We had been waiting to hear, saying lots of prayers for you, our special girl. Please tell Mom that we hope her eye is better.
Love, Judy G.

mylese said...

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for the wonderful news!!

The Reyes Family