Sunday, November 16, 2008

I had planned a lengthy update tonight, I have a lot to report on, however, as Peggy always says, our plans have changed again!

Dave and Colby rushed Tod to the dog hospital about an hour ago. He was throwing up non stop, and Dave thought it looked like chocolate. Then we noticed he was severely swollen, and his belly was rock hard. Hannah and I stayed here, she was pretty upset when he left. She just fell asleep next to me on the couch, and I'm just here hoping and praying everything is ok.

Here are the things I will mention, and elaborate later:
Thank You to all of you who listened to me vent about Hannah's struggles lately. I appreciate all of the advice here on the blog, and also through the emails. I really appreciate that you all took the time to write, research and just lend an ear. We have an appointment set up with a psychologist in the city for the week of Thanksgiving. Not only will he meet with Hannah, but at this time we have also set her up for a screening appointment for a clinical trial of a drug they are hoping will help with attention impairment for brain tumor kids. More on all this later.

Hannah a good three days to end the week that started off terribly. Dave and I discussed that we need to try to gauge her frustration level, and instead of pushing her to the edge and over the cliff, try to refocus her before she reaches the point where she boils over and then can't stop. Maybe it's working, or maybe she blew off so much steam on Monday that she was calm for the rest of the week.

The girls had a horse show today. They both did great, many news ribbons around the house. It was fun, but it was COLD!! Hannah won Grand Champion for her class today, for those of you that aren't horse people, that means first place overall in her division! She was pretty proud of herself, and we were too!

Dave and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary this week too. We went to see Shawn Colvin play (anyone remember her? "Sonny came home" was one of her big hits.) It was good, and we tried very hard to stay awake during the concert. Old, yes we are two old people. Colby had a basketball game that night, so Hannah was here by herself with the two girls that came to babysit. they have been here only once before, and although they are just the sweetest girls, Hannah doesn't really know them that well. She informed me right before they came that she wasn't staying here in the house with those two girls. Well, we already had concert tickets, much coordination had gone into making this happen, so in my mind, she was staying :) She was a bit weepy, but pulled through and had a great time with them.

There are new calendars out too to benefit cancer research. Hannah is featured in one month. They look great! Heidi Randall, mom to angel Jessica created the calendars, she is so talented. I'll provide more information on those soon too.

That's all for now, I'll post some pictures later, but I can't concentrate with Tod rushed to the hospital. I have to sit here and wait for them to get back, hopefully all together!



Anonymous said...

Good morning Kim and Hannah!
Oh.. I sure hope your puppy is OK. I hate it when they get sick and they can't tell you what they did to get there. Darn puppies, I had one that ate salmon once. I had to get her on antibiotics or something before she got all sick, she was ok.. but I feared the worst. I really hope he is alright.
I am glad that Hannah has had a better week. It's so hard to figure out these kids sometimes. I have a meeting with Kasey's online school teacher.. He hasn't done any work in almost a month. I don't know what else to say.. I don't know if I should take him out all together for a while. I don't know if he will be with me til next year, so shoud I just skip the school plan all together? Should I force him to do it then hate myself later? NO.. I think I will just snuggle with him or play his dice game with him and take him for chicken fries and be at peace with that thought :0
It's such a chore to guess and second guess and so on. But.. we march forth for our kiddos and pray for the best. So, I am sending a hug for today and good happy thoughts for Tod!
Also.. I ordered those bracelets this morning. I am not sure when they will be here, but I will mail your out ASAP. I see your adress on the page so I will send them there?
Hugs for a great week Kim!
Thanks for sharing your frustrations with us.. I am happy to vent back to you~!
Amy... Kasey's mom

Valerie said...

Hope Tod is okay and Hannah started the week off okay as well!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kim and Hannah

Congratulations on the Ribbons! Wow!
Kim, I rec'd your e-mail...hope Tod is feeling better and has a quick recovery!
Much love~