Tuesday, November 17, 2008

Tod is home! I picked him up today and paid the bill (ouch). He is now on prednisone (yes, a steroid), pepcid and a special diet (another ouch).  He doesn't have all of his energy yet, he is usually the first one up when he hears a cracker package, or the back door opening but he has been just laying and sleeping. We can't let him out by himself anymore, yep, just in time for winter. We don't want him eating any more sand or poop or wood or rotten tomatoes. 

We will get the pathology results back by the end of this week to know what course of action to take next. We're all happy to have him home, especially his brother Riley and of course his mommy Hannah. 

Speaking of his mommy Hannah, she has had a very good few days. Last weekend was the fall horse show. It was cold, but it was another fun day. The girls did well again, here is a picture of both of them with the ribbons they won.
Hannah won Grand Champion for the second time in a row. We were so proud of her, and she was so proud of herself. Here are a few pictures of both of our champions....


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Anonymous said...

Well Hot Dog! Look at those Equestrians and their ribbons. I am sure both girls were glowing.

I wondered how much that trip to the vet was gonna be. I am sure ouch was an understatement. The things we do for our pets. What adorable pics. though. He looks all wiped out snuggled next to his companion. Hope he continues to recover.
Thinking of you, have a good mid week!
Amy.. Kasey's mom