Friday, September 19, 2008

Heaven has another sweet angel. Little Cole died this morning, the cancer had taken over his body. He was 3 years old. 
Hannah decided this morning to try to go to school. She was still feeling some stomach pain, and headache. When we got to school, she refused to get out of the car. After I pulled over, I talked to her a bit, trying to rationalize with her and find out her reasons for not wanting to go. She said she just didn't want to leave mommy. What a tug at your heartstrings. I finally left her there with Mrs. W., her aide, but she was screaming and crying for me. I pulled around to the back of the school, and watched her finally go in with them. Someone did tell me as I was leaving that Hannah had agreed to go into the school psychologists office to talk with her. It didn't take her that long to finally make it to her classroom after that. She did go to the nurse's office late in the day with a headache, but made it until the end of the day. They came up with a strategy to try and get her to come into school and stay in the classroom, we'll see how that goes next week. It's just hard. Hard for her and hard for me.

She went to bed tonight still complaining of a headache. Maybe it was from watching the Sound of Music...a long movie, but a good one.

My doc called today with my results, no central lyme. No trace of lyme disease in my spinal fluid. You would think that is good, but I think it's BAD. Now this means I don't know what it is. I asked about a false negative, but was told most likely not. I'm hoping the neurologist can shed some light, as the symptoms have been more frequent and more intense lately.


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cildar said...

Dear Hannah,
We look at the picture of you in the hooded sweatshirt and think how beautiful you are. You are in our hearts every day.
Love, the Griffins