Thursday, September 11, 2008

How could we not be thinking of those that died 7 years ago in the terrorist attack. We did pause today to pay tribute to those who died, and their families. 

If you missed the Stand Up 2 Cancer event on tv last week, here is a video clip where the actors read words from cancer victims and their families. I don't know Drew the 2 year old with cancer, but I do "know" Mimi Avery, sweet Julian's mom HERE 

September is National Childhood Awareness Month...and this Saturday, Sept. 13th is National Childhood Awareness Day (the first ever.) Let's Stand Up 2 Childhood Cancer.

I'll close with pictures of Hannah from tonight. She found an old hat downstairs tonight, and immediately put it on even though I was chasing her down to get it off-I think it's for a 2 year old. She said she wanted to wear it because it's comfortable! Dave and I noticed that Hannah was a big hat wearer before she was diagnosed. She had this one little knit cap she used to wear to bed every night. We talked after diagnosis about the hats, wondering if they somehow made her head feel better. That was my thought tonight when she put it on, and wanted to wear it to bed. Here she is making a bracelet for her friend Colleen, and then getting in bed for the night.



Anonymous said...


I love the hat and I remember that white one that you used to wear alot too. I would just tell mom to let you wear whatever you want. I got my shirt and will be wearing it tomorrow. I am excited to tell people when they ask me how are you doing that things are looking good. Love you lots and Sydney misses seeing you guys. We were really lucky to spend so much time together this summer. Have a great day and we will be seeing you soon.

Love Aunt Susie

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannie: Grampa and I remember when you used to wear hats all the time!!! We have a picture of you when you were about two years old and you have about 8 hats on your head, one on top of the other!! You put all of the hats on your head because you used to like to have us read to you a book called "Hats for Sale". It was about a monkey that stoled all of the man's hats while he was taking a nap under the tree and the monkey ran off with all the hats. Do you remember? I will find the picture and book so that I can show you. The pink hat in the picture looks cute on you---but it looks a little warm!!
Have fun in school with all of your new friends and the old ones too!!
Love you to pieces.
Gramma and Grampa