Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well I think it's a bug. Hannah stayed home from school today, initially complaining of a sore throat and a stomach ache. She wavered all day between a headache and a stomach ache. She didn't eat very much, only some rice during the day and a bit more rice with butter tonight. I put her to bed complaining of a bad stomach ache. We'll see what tonight brings. 

Colby lost a tooth tonight that won't stop bleeding. There is a flap of skin that is hanging down, and it just keeps bleeding . It has slowed, hopefully stopped now that she's in bed. Never seen anything like it. She is hoping the tooth fairy brings her something really cool for this-although last month she didn't believe in that fairy. Again, we'll see what tonight brings and if the tooth fairy shows up.

Dave-he is in Houston now, visiting his brother Michael and his family. They fared ok after the hurricane, although all around them is destruction. It's nice for him to get away and visit for the weekend.

Me-I'm here still awaiting my results from the LP on Monday. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was horizontal on the couch for the entire day unless I absolutely had to be somewhere (like clinic or school or basketball practice, etc. ha ha) Today a bit more "up time" but as I wait for my results, my symptoms get a bit worse. Hopefully will be a better day for all.

I'll leave you with a few telling photos. Hannah is very aware of the fact that her memory is not very good. She has taken to writing notes. Notes about EVERYTHING. She watches tv and takes notes. She watches videos in the car and takes notes. She remembers things as she is in bed and gets up to write it down. Notes Notes Notes Everywhere. Here are a couple pictures of her notes-two notes she has on the television-"October 14 at 8pm, New Spongebob" and "September 26, Suite Life on Deck" and another note with "Get the movie Fred Clause" and then a count of the songs in the movie Happy Feet that we were watching on the way home from clinic yesterday, and a count on the nicknames from Mumble, the character in the movie. It's her way to remember, notes! 


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Mylese said...

Lyle has the same sore throat, head ache, stamach ache bug. Let's hope it passes quickly! Hope you both are feeling better soon and that Colby gets something really cool from the tooth fairy!!
The Reyes Family