Saturday, September 27, 2008

Here is Hannah's latest creation that she would like to share with all of you. This video was her idea this summer, she just wanted to make a "corn video." She wants everyone to go to her youtube account to view it (I think they count the number of views, so she wants to see how many people view it and like can leave a comment on youtube also.)

Just click on the link below. She is pretty excited about it, so enjoy!

Hannah's Corn Video



Kathy said...

Hi Hannah,
I watched your video and you made me hungry! That looked delicious. I hope you are having a good weekend! Kelly had her birthday bonfire at the beach last night - it was foggy and cold, even though it had been hot and sunny at our house. They still had fun though, good thing we had a fire.
Do you have some more videos on YouTube we can watch?
Love from California,
Kathy, Kelly's mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah Banana!
Great Video. Harbes corn is my favorite too...there is no other!
Thanks for sharing one of your summer memories. Keep on keeping on at school my dear. You (and the rest of your family too) Rock!
Mrs V

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah
Your u tube video was "CORNTASTIC"!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow great job with the corn and you should show Sydney how to do that mowing technique. She need to eat it like you. Have a great week at school and we hope to see you soon.

Aunt Susie

Mylese said...

Loved the corn video, Hannah! But is it better than a Carlson's Hot Dog??!?

The Reyes Family